11/01/2012 – Daily data
  • Daily data files are now available from the Thredds catalog, RCD application, and FTP. See Data Access.
02/21/2012 – We have updated our files to version 5
  • The files stored on the our FTP server have been rearranged to have all the monthly/decadal periods for each variable in their own separate file. The intent is to allow users to only download variables they are interested in, rather than all the variables at once. This change makes our FTP file structure similar to our Thredds catalog and the format is more consistent with other sources of model output.
  • TAMIN and TAMAX fields have been recalculated to be consistent with conventions.  The new values are computed as the average of daily max and min temperatures.  The values in the previous release were averages over all time steps.
  • TGMIN and TGMAX variables have been removed because they were also calculated over all time steps.  We will replace them as we did TAMAX and TAMIN in the next revision.
  • We added new data for the period 2070-2089 for USGS GENMOM Eastern North America.
  • Missing data were corrected for 2026 in the USGS GENMOM for Eastern North America.
  • Missing data were corrected for 1982, 2042 and 2043 in the MPI ECHAM5 for Eastern North America.
10/11/2011 – Initial data release