November 2012 Update

New features and data

  • The web page menu system has been modified and updated
  • In addition to monthly averages, daily averages are now available for Dynamically Downscaled RegCM3 data
  • The data are now written into files containing one variable for all times.  This greatly reduces file sizes and ftp downloading time over the former files that contained all variables.
  • A variety of simple diagnostic plots for temperature and precipitation in the RCCV web application are now available to aid users in determining basic model performance over geographic areas of interest.  Details can be found here: Model-evaluation
  • Time-series plots of daily temperature and precipitation for each simulation are now provided. The plots with tables that provide quantile information of future changes.  Details can be found here: Model-evaluation
  • The RCD web application time series has been replaced with project metadata
  • The USFWS/USDAFS statistically downscaled data from from the Climate Impacts Group at the University of Washington (CIG) is now available
  • Posters and presentations have been added to the Publications and Use page that use Dynamically Downscaled RegCM3 data